Tournament Rules

Arizona Soccer Showcase 

Inclement Weather Policy

In the event of inclement weather or other events which affect our ability to play as planned, the Tournament Committee may modify Tournament Rules in order to safely and fairly complete the tournament successfully. The Tournament Committee will make their decisions on what is best, considering the health and safety of the players. Arizona Soccer Showcase utilizes city-provided fields for all play. During inclement weather, the cities will take into consideration the need to prevent the destruction of the fields and facilities. Arizona Soccer Showcase does not own the fields, nor does it have any authority over their usage. Coaches and team managers are asked to remain flexible to the changes in fields/locations as required and to keep in contact with tournament officials for these changes.

  1. Play all games as scheduled.

  2. Eliminate pre-game warm-up on fields.

  3. Shorten matches.

  4. Play at alternative sites.

  5. In the event the field conditions are unplayable as determined by the Tournament Committee or the city, games in question may be decided by penalty kicks from the mark. (FIFA rules apply).

  6. If matches are unable to continue due to any reason(s), tournament placement will be based upon the last fully completed round of play. Bracket tie-breakers will be used to satisfy any ties that remain. If bracket tie- breakers cannot resolve a tie, the Tournament Committee will utilize a coin toss to resolve the situation.

  7. In the unlikely event of game cancellation(s) due to inclement weather, entry fees may be forfeited, in whole or in part. Arizona Soccer Showcase will make no guarantee of any refunds. However, Arizona Soccer Showcase recognizes the financial commitments of teams entering the tournament. As such, Arizona Soccer Showcase may, at its discretion, refund a portion of the entry fee(s) after all other expenses have been paid.

  8. It is the team’s responsibility to ensure appropriate phone numbers (preferably cell phones) and email addresses are entered into the team’s tournament application. The Tournament Committee will utilize the tournament website (, email, and sometimes telephone to communicate with teams in the event of changes to the schedule.

1. Match Play

  1. All games will be played under NFHS rules. The Tournament Director or site representative will settle all rules

    disputes. Tournament rules may be modified by the Tournament Committee.

  2. A team playing 11 a-side must have (7) players available at the start of the game and during the game to avoid a forfeit. Teams failing to meet this minimum requirement at any point in the match will forfeit the match.

  3. Coaches should be prepared to start the game on time. Five minutes after the official game start time is forfeit time. In case of forfeit, the winning team shall be given a score of 1-0. Tournament officials may waive this rule, if in their opinion it is in the best interests of the players to play the game. In the event of a delay in the start of a game, the game may be shortened to allow the game to finish as scheduled.

  4. Substitutions allowed with the Referee’s permission as follows:

    • Prior to either team’s goal kicks

    • Prior to a throw-in by the team in possession.

    • After a goal is scored by either team.

    • Half time.

    • Injured player may be substituted and ONE player from opposing team.

    • For a cautioned player only.

  1. Conduct and Sportsmanship

    1. A player receiving a red card or two yellow cards shall be expelled from the current game and may not be

      replaced. A player receiving a red card or two yellow cards will not be eligible for the next game.

    2. A coach ejected from the game, whether by red card or referee expulsion, shall leave the field to the satisfaction of the referee. Coaches who either refuse to leave or deliberately continue to coach after ejection (including but not limited to using a cell phone or proxy coach), will forfeit the game.

    3. There are no appeal options and all decisions are final. In the event a player or coach s ejected from the game for fighting, that player or coach will not be permitted to play in the remainder of the tournament.

    4. If a coach is ejected and there are no remaining assistant coaches, the team will forfeit the game.

    5. The team of any player or coach that receives a red card shall receive minus one point against their tournament standings.

    6. Coaches have complete responsibility for the conduct of their players and all sideline spectators. Referees will have complete authority immediately before, during, and immediately after games, and will not allow abusive or profane language or threats of any kind. If, in the opinion of the referee, a game must be terminated due to misconduct, the offending team shall be declared to have forfeited the game. A terminated game will result in the opposing team being awarded a win by a score of 1-0, unless the score is greater at the time of the termination. Possible suspension from further play could result.

    7. All game ejections whether by red card or not, are forwarded to the AIA for review.

  2. Protests, Disputes, Clarifications

    1. The tournament director and site director will settle all disputes. Once the information is reviewed and decision made, it is final and there will be no further discussion.

    2. In the case of errors, missing information or confusion with any section of this document, “Tournament Rules”, the tournament director or site director will clarify and make all decisions for any issue, and all decisions are final.

    3. Decisions will always be made in the sprit for the good of the game.

    4. Under no circumstances will the tournament director, site director, overrule a referee’s game time calls.

  3. Home and Away Responsibilities

    1. Home Team

      • Will wear dark colored jerseys and socks.

    2. Visiting Team

      • Will wear white jerseys and socks.

    3. Player and Spectator Seating - All player and spectator seating.

      • Spectators must sit on the opposite sides of the field from the teams.

      • Teams will be seated on the same side of the field.

      • Home teams will sit on the northern bench; visiting teams will sit on the southern bench.

      • Spectators shall line up on the opposite side of the half-way mark as the team they are supporting.

      • No coaches or spectators may be along the end line or behind the goal.


c. Final team standings will be determined using the following point criteria:

  • A WIN is three (3) points.

  • A TIE is one (1) point.

  • A LOSS is zero (0) points.

  • In the case of a shootout, the winner will receive (3) points and the score shall be recorded as 1-0.

d. TIES (Playoffs/Finals)

       • In the event that a match is tied at the end of regulation in a quarterfinal, semifinal or championship

       match, teams will go immediately to PKs. There is no overtime.

5. Awards

Awards will be given to the Finalists of the Black and Maroon divisions at the trophy presentation at 1pm Monday


General Rules

  1. No alcoholic beverages or glass containers allowed on the tournament Fields. In addition, there is NO

    SMOKING allowed in the vicinity of the players.

  2. Heaters: Heaters (gas or electric) are NOT allowed at the fields.

  3. Parking: Park in designated parking areas. Do not park along curbs. Curbs may be fire lanes and may not be painted red, but have the identifying signage. No parking in desert areas. No overnight parking.

  4. Canopies/Umbrellas: No staking of canopies, umbrellas or other items is allowed at any site.

  5. Dogs: Dog are not allowed at the fields. While city parks may allow dogs on or near the fields, this tournament does not. This is a safety issue and will be strictly enforced. Failure to comply may result in a forfeiture of game.

  6. Games will be played on the West side of Reach 11 Sports Complex 11-18

      g. Team Buses will park on the west side of the complex by field’s #11-18. Parking on the east side will be reserved for


Tournament Play Formats
Groups with four (4) team brackets
For the divisions with groups of four (4) teams; each team will play the other teams in their group once. If needed, tiebreaker criteria will be used to determine the team standings in their group and advancing to the quarterfinals.

Boys Black Division: The winner of the group shall advance to semifinals.
Boys Maroon Division: The winner of the group shall advance to semifinals.
Girls Black Division: The winner of the group shall advance to semifinals.
Girls Maroon Division: The winner of the group shall advance to semifinals.

TIES (Bracket Play)

  • In the event that two or more teams are tied in points at the end of the preliminary group games, the

    following tie-breaker criteria shall apply to determine standings for the group:

    1. Head-to-head competition

    2. Highest goal differential [goals scored - goals allowed] (max 5 per game).

    3. Goals scored (maximum of 5 per game).

    4. Goals allowed (maximum of 5 per game).

    5. Most shutouts.

    6. Most wins.

    7. FIFA penalty kicks.

  • In the event of a 3-way tie at the end of bracket play, the winner for advancement to a quarter finals will be determined as above without consideration for comparison of head to head competition to eliminate one team. Then advancement for the remaining two teams is determined as above with consideration for head to head competition.

  • If three teams are still tied and FIFA Kicks have to be taken there will be a draw by the Tournament Committee or site director. The first team drawn will receive the bye; the next team drawn will be the home team against the remaining team in the first contest of penalty kicks. The winner of the first contest will then compete against the bye team in penalty kicks to determine the group winner. The bye team will be the home team.

  • In the event that the wild card draws for the first round of the playoffs are pairing two teams that played each other in pool play, then the WC positions will be changed with the nearest WC team that does not have a pool play conflict. Pairings will not be changed after the first round of the playoffs.