This is a Competitive tournament open to all USSF affiliated Boys & Girls 2012 – 2009 teams. Applications will be accepted on a first come, first served basis.  The Tournament Committee reserves the right to accept or deny any application.



?        Bracketing is based on birth year for the 2020-2021 Season.

?        Tournament entry fees are due upon acceptance and must be received by no later than May 23, 2020.

?        All teams will play at least three games.

?        All teams will need to update and finalize rosters on by no later than Monday, May 25, 2020. 

?        Game schedules are subject to change up to the Friday before the Tournament.  All teams are required to check schedule to confirm any changes prior to their game.

?        All coaches must be licensed and in possession of a current coaching card.


Coach and Player Cards: Current USCS, USYSA, CYSA, or AYSO approved/laminated player card with a recent photo attached, will be required of all players at the official Tournament Check-in and at the start of each game. Each team must have an administrator/coach with the proper coaching license and card at all games.  


Tournament Check-In:   A team administrator or representative MUST check-in their team at the Field Marshal Tent, located at the team’s assigned field, at least 30 minutes prior to your team’s game

?        Preprinted tournament game cards with team rosters will be provided at check-in.  Modifications to the roster can only be made at check-in on Saturday morning and are final for the tournament.  No additions to the roster are allowed once check-in is complete.

?        It is the team’s responsibility to ensure that it is registered in the correct age group for the tournament.  Please make sure that your team is scheduled to play in the correct age group where they will compete in the Fall of 2020.

?        No player may play on more than one team in this Tournament.

?        The coach or team administrator must attest to the accuracy of their roster and cards by signing the tournament roster form.

?        Teams must be ready to present the following items for credential processing:

−        Valid laminated picture identification cards for each player and administrator, issued by the team’s governing organization for the prior season (2019-2020) or current season (2020-2021); and

−        Signed medical release/registration form issued by the team’s governing organization, for each player.

Game Format

?        Divisions 2012 through 2011 will play 7v7.

?        Divisions 2010 & 2009 will play 9v9.


Rosters:  Unlimited loan players are permitted, so long as the roster does not exceed the following number of players on each team: 12 players for teams in 2012-2011, 14 players for 2010-2009.  Rosters are frozen after the team's Tournament Check-in before the first game. 


Player's Equipment & Safety:  The referee will have final say on determining safety of all player equipment.  All players are required to wear shin guards during their games.  Players without shin guards will not be allowed to play – No exceptions.  Casts: No hard casts will be permitted.  Referees have the discretion to permit soft casts at the game.  Knee Braces: Protective and approved knee braces are allowed at the discretion of the referee.   Jewelry: No jewelry of any kind.  Taped earrings will NOT be allowed - No exceptions.


Game Check-In:  The team manager/representative is required to check-in with field marshal at least 30 minutes prior to the game, and present the team's player cards, so the game can start as scheduled.


Brackets & Flight Determination:  Fullerton Rangers is using the 2020-2021 age groups for bracketing purposes. Not every division will have more than one flight.  Bracketing of teams within an age group is at the sole discretion of the Tournament Committee and may not be appealed unless a team is placed in the wrong gender.


Trash:  Each team is responsible for ensuring that their sideline is clear of all trash at the end of their games.  The field marshal may withhold the team game cards, if trash is not discarded properly.  Please help us keep the venues clean and safe for the players and officials.


Game Rules & Procedures: All games will be played by FIFA Laws of the Game except as modified herein and by USYSA and CYSA-S.  Only USSF registered referees are allowed to officiate.


Younger Playing Rules (7v7 and 9v9 games)

?        CalSouth safety header measure will be enforced for these age groups: 2010 through 2012. 

?        There will be build out lines for 7v7 games. 



?        ALL teams must bring two sets of jerseys.

?        Teams may not duplicate numbers on player jerseys, and the numbers on player jerseys must match the numbers on the team’s game card.

?        Teams, with the coach and all players, must be at the field 30 minutes prior to each game. 

?        The home team is listed first on the game schedule. 

?        The home team shall supply three game balls, subject to referee approval. Games for 2009-2012 will be played with an official size #4 balls.  The referee may choose to use alternate balls, should the home team’s balls not meet standards.  Game balls will not be supplied by the Tournament.

?        The home team will have choice of field side, and the opposing team will occupy the opposite side of the field.  No spectators are allowed behind the goal lines.

?        The home team will be required to change to an alternate jersey if the referee declares a color conflict.

?        The home team will have choice of goal to defend and the away team will have kickoff.

?        All teams must warm up off the game field and should be prepared to take the field immediately following the conclusion of the preceding game.


Length of Games: Listed time is game time.  NO GRACE PERIOD.  Half-time will be 5 minutes for all games from pool play to finals.  Duration of games by halves are as follows:



Birth Year

Pool Play




30 Minutes

30 Minutes



25 Minutes

25 Minutes



25 Minutes

25 Minutes



25 Minutes

25 Minutes





Referees are required to maintain the game schedule and start all games on time.  All games are played on a running clock.  There will be no time added to any game, except finals, at the discretion of the referee.

?        Pool play will not have an overtime period and a tie score will result.

?        Final games will immediately proceed to kicks from the mark.  Only players on the field at the end of regular play may participate in the kicks from the mark.

?        Game time will continue to run in the event of an injury.  No injury time will be added. 

?        If a game is terminated at any time after one half of play is completed, the final results will be based on the score at the time the game is terminated.

?        Water breaks will be given if the referee deems it necessary.  No additional time will be added for water breaks.


Substitutions: Unlimited substitutions.  Substitutions may occur during any stoppage of play with the referee's permission. 


Scoring: Game cards should be carefully reviewed by the referee and the team representatives directly following the game for the accurate recording of scores and disciplinary cards (Red Cards and Yellow Cards). Teams will be awarded points for game results on a “10-Point” system as follows:

?         Win = 6 points

?         Tie = 3 points

?         Loss = 0 points

?         Shutout = 1 point (including 0-0 ties)

?         Each goal scored = 1 point (up to a maximum of 3 points) Teams will be awarded points for goals regardless of the outcome of the game.

?         One point will be deducted for each red card received by a player or a coach.

?         One point will be deducted for each spectator of a team that is ejected from the game.

?         A forfeit will be recorded as a 1-0 score (8 points). NO EXCEPTIONS OR APPEALS!!!


Tie Breaker:  If two or more teams are tied at the end of the preliminary rounds, the following Tie Breaker procedures will determine which team advance.

1)      Winner of head to head competition.

2)      Highest goal differential, up to a maximum of 4 goals per game (+/-).

3)      Most wins in pool play.

4)      Fewest goals allowed.

5)      Most goals scored, up to a maximum of 4 goals per game.

6)      Most shut-outs recorded.

7)      Red cards against (team with most is eliminated).

8)      Yellow cards (team with most is eliminated).

9)      Coin flip by field marshal.


If three teams are tied, we will move through the tie breaking procedures, beginning with number 1 and continuing on until one team is eliminated.  Once one team is eliminated, we will go back to Tie Breaker number 1 to restart the process with the two remaining teams.


Forfeits:  An automatic forfeit will be given if any of the following occur: 

?        A team fails to have the minimum number of players available for check-in at least five minutes prior to the scheduled start of the game: 2012-2011 – 5 players; 2010-2009 – 6 players.

?        A team fails to present the required credentials at the mandatory Tournament Check-In.

?        A team fails to have at least one official with admin card with photo ID. 

?        A team whose actions, as determined solely by the referee, cause the game to be terminated.


In the event of a forfeit, all games of the forfeiting team will be declared a forfeit for purposes of standings.


Red/Yellow Cards; Ejections: A player receiving two (2) yellow cards in a single game is considered to have received an ejection (red card). Ejected players may not be replaced in the current game and shall serve a minimum of one game suspension at their next game played.  Any coach, player, team official or spectator receiving an ejection (sent off) will not be allowed to be within sight or hearing distance of the field of play during his/her suspension and will not be allowed to coach the following game (will serve a one game suspension).  Any spectator sent off will be suspended for the remainder of the tournament. For flagrant violations, longer suspension may be enforced based on mandatory review of the tournament director. ***One scoring point will be deducted for each team’s spectator, player or coach that is sent off or expelled from a game.***




Double Yellow

1 Game Suspension

Direct Red

2 Games Suspension

Violent Conduct

Entire Tournament


The player ID cards will be pulled for all red cards issued for violent conduct or referee abuse and submitted to Cal South (tournament sanctioning organization).  Additionally, the home league and state association will be contacted accordingly.


Injury: No player will be allowed to play with an injury which could be aggravated by playing, or which, in the opinion of the referee constitutes a danger to others.  Additional time will not be added as a result of delays of the game due to injury.  First aid kits, plastic bags and ice will be available at the Field Marshal tent.


Conduct:  Coaches are responsible for the conduct of their players, bench, friends and team’s spectators at all times, and must ensure that they all adhere to the following rules:

?        No coach, player, or team’s spectator is allowed to make any derogatory remarks or gestures to the referees, other coaches, players or spectators.

?        No coach, players, or team’s spectators are permitted to use profanity in any manner or incite disruptive behavior.

?        No mechanical devices that are used to make, enhance or increase sounds are allowed on the sidelines. 

?        Tournament Director can suspend a Coach, Player, or Team’s Spectator from attending any further games. Game forfeiture will result from noncompliance.

?        No alcohol or intoxication is allowed at the Tournament Venues at any time. Such conduct will be referred to the appropriate authorities and team will be disqualified.

?        If, in the opinion of the referee(s), a game must be terminated for misconduct of coach, players, bench or spectators, the offending team can be suspended from further play and forfeit that game and all remaining games.  The final score shall be 1-0 in favor of the non-offending team per forfeit rules.  The governing state association will be contacted regarding team or player misconduct.

?        Everyone must follow the Facility Rules listed below (See Facility Rules).

?        No refunds will be granted to teams disqualified from the tournament.


Disputes: The referee shall have final say on all game related decisions.  The Tournament Director (or Tournament Committee or Site Coordinator, as delegated by the TD) shall make all decisions relating to the interpretation of the Tournament Rules.  Disputes relating to the interpretation of these rules will be resolved with the administrator /coaches that are registered with the involved team(s).  Individuals may not represent a team if not registered as an administrator/coach with the involved team(s).  The Tournament Director/Tournament Committee shall resolve any situations not covered by these Rules.


ProtestsNo protests will be accepted.  All interpretations of the rules and other decisions made by the referee, Tournament Director, Tournament Committee, or Site Director will be final.


Awards: Each participating player will receive an official tournament pin. Team awards will be given to the Champion and Finalist and are both expected to participate in the Award Ceremonies at the end of the Championship game.  Champions will receive medals and a trophy, and Finalists will receive medals. We promote good sportsmanship at our event whether you win or lose.


Facility Rules:  All participants and spectators must strictly adhere to the following rules:

1.    Respect and be courteous to other teams, tournament personnel, and neighbors at venue.

2.    Drive cars only in designated areas.

3.    No dogs or other pets are allowed at any of the fields, no exceptions.

4.    No artificial noisemakers are allowed during the tournament.

5.    No smoking or alcoholic beverages allowed at any of the Tournament venues.

6.    No overnight camping allowed. 

7.    No parking in restricted areas.  Offenders will be towed.

8.    Please pick up all trash.

9.    No drones at all venues.


Inclement Weather:  In the case of inclement weather or dangerous field conditions, games may be shortened or rescheduled, go to a FIFA penalty shoot-out, or be cancelled.  The Tournament Director will make the final determination of the choice.  It may be necessary to change the game times or locations if the assigned field becomes unavailable or some similar difficulty arises.  If the scheduled games are unable to be played, awards will be based on a point system to be determined by the Tournament Director.


Refund Policy:

?        Team withdrawing from tournament before May 23, 2020, will be given full refunds minus a $100.00 administration fee.

?        No refunds will be given after May 23, 2020.

?        Refunds will be mailed on July 1, 2020.


Contact:  Fullerton Rangers Youth Soccer Club, 369 S. Acacia Ave., Fullerton CA 92831.

                 Tournament Director:  Peter Espinoza  Phone: (714) 709-3828

            Email: pespinoza@fullertonrangers.